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 Lewisville, Texas  the  Soul of Denton County. 

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My Community and My Commitment

Penny Mallet holds a Certificate of Graduation from The Lewisville Citizens Police Department Program in 2019

Penny Mallet holds a Certificate from the Lewisville Citizens University Leadership Program in 2019

Penny Mallet holds a Certificate of Graduation from The Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program Class of #34 in 2020

Penny Mallet has completed training and graduated from The Lewisville CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Program in 2020

Penny Mallet completed training and worked walking the neighborhoods with the 2020 Census Team for Lewisville helping residents complete their Census and provided them with an understanding for the need of funding to our community.

As Councilwoman, I pledge to obtain my Certification as a Certified Municipal Official from the Texas Municipal League Institute - TML. 

What does that mean to you? 

It will mean that as your City Councilwoman- I will be attending trainings, conferences host town hall meetings and participate in forms to enhance service to the community of Lewisville.

This is something we need to show the community our ability to be more transparent and moving forward to new services from our City Council Members.

As a Community Leader on the 2020 Mayor's Commission - I look forward to turning the page in Lewisville

As City Leaders doing the business of Government - they should be a tool that helps where it can for everyone, protect our investments and defend the rights of all. The City of Lewisville created the Mayor's Commission at the request of the Mayor in June of 2020 called LISTEN - LEARN - LEAD with the purpose of building on the city's rich diversity. The group consisted of 25+ Contributors such as, church leaders, board and commission members, students, political activists and business owners like me. Sessions were held during the summer June 9 through August 20, 2020. At the end of the sessions the commission created 30 action items that needed immediate attention in our community. The actions needed were to address the areas that are falling between the cracks simply because the City of Lewisville just has always done things that way or just had no idea there was a problem.

I pledge to work with the City and the New Taskforce created to take on the action items from the Mayor's Commission to implement recommendations reviewed by the Mayor and approved by the current City Council.

As City Councilwoman - I will continue working with the City on Items concerning both Residents and Business Community.

The Mayor's Commission requested marketing efforts related to local elections to increase voter awareness and turnout pass 5% of the 50,000 + registered voters in Lewisville

Creating and Implement a Business Mentorship Program

Creating Vendor fairs to introduce local businesses to City operations and City Vendor opportunities

Create a streamline process to the current housing rehab grant program making it more accessible to all members of the community by collecting and maintain statistics on racial, ethic, and age breakdown for neighborhoods grants recipients, and use this data to determine strategies for reaching under-represented segments of the community of Lewisville!

Develop a Housing Strategy Plan to continue Fair Housing plans on a regular schedule.

Ensure inclusiveness in the small business workshops conducted by the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce under the existing City agreement

Implement software that tracks diversity among City board appointments and use data to establish and pursue inclusion goals.

As your Councilwoman, I hope to help Lewisville navigate in a direction of growth for both Residents and Businesses. We cannot grow if we do not go vote to move Lewisville forward.

I appreciate if you will allow me to serve you as your City of Lewisville Councilwoman by voting for me on May 1, 2021.

Follow the Mayor's Commission Program on the City of Lewisville Website


        Moving Forward. Stronger Together. One Community

Lewisville is what Community looks like, caring for each other. Let us make everyone here welcome. The act of running for office is talking to and listening to your voters, especially those who are too often left out of the conversations about their future in the community. Leadership requires the ability to engage and to create empathy for communities with needs and ideas.

It is always a Bold Decision to run for office and participate in the Democratic Process for our communities. We can protest all we want on the backend - unless we vote and make changes on the frontend, nothing changes.

Vote for the decisions that impact your life where you live - it will make a world of difference.


Lewisville Citizens Police Program Graduation

As City Councilwoman - my platform for the Lewisville Police Department includes the annual budget process, reviewing the emerging trends to explore options for alternative response to certain types of police calls through civilian personnel trained in mental health specializations, trained police personnel, or partnership with community service agencies.

Help Provide wider public awareness of access to “police encounters" via educational videos for all incoming ninth graders under the Sandra Bland Act.

City of Lewisville Citizens University 

As City Councilwoman - my platform for the City of Lewisville includes the creation of a full-time position dedicated to championing diversity, inclusion, and transparency within the city organization and in public engagement.

 Prioritize employee recruitment efforts focused on minority candidates using the new process and procedures in place.

Development of Leadership inclusion for all City employees.

Development of an internal racial equity and diversity team that includes all city departments.

Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class #34

As City Councilwoman - my platform for the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce is to work with the Chamber to ensure inclusiveness in small business workshops for current paying Chamber Members.

Create a relationship between the City Economic Development and the Chamber to provide local businesses with the tools, training, and resources to help businesses thrive in our community. We see far to many new businesses close.



What our community is saying......

We want a Community where all are included

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