Penny Mallet for City Council 

Place 3


 Lewisville, Texas  the  Soul of Denton County. 

Political Adv. paid for by penny mallet 


Get to know Penny Mallet

Hi, my name if Penny Mallet and I am running for Lewisville City Council Place 3 on May 1, 2021.


Because if it matters to the residents and small business owners of Lewisville

It should be addressed by City Council Members of Lewisville


Penny Mallet, entrepreneur, and a political leader founded and belongs to several groups and organizations devoted to voting rights and tracking social issues. Her most valuable procession is her NAACP Metal of Honor for her community work and leadership awarded in 2019.

Penny Mallet is married to her spouse Rawlin Mallet and they have one son living in Florida.

As a resident of Lewisville, she wants access to the opportunities available to the residents of her community.

Penny Mallet left Corporate America to run a Private Foundation. CKM Foundation gives back to disadvantage girls in our communities.

Penny Mallet is from San Antonio, Texas. She moved to Lewisville, Texas 25 years ago.

She is a local businesswoman involved in numerous non-profit and government organizations in Texas.

Penny Mallet is Founder and CEO of a Private Foundation where runs projects end to end associated with CKM Foundation, LLC both Charity & Retail tracks.

The Foundation has one mission - helping young women feel Stronger, Bolder, and ready to Lead in their communities.

Penny Mallet established a little Free Library in Old Valley Orchard Park but supplies all local little Free Libraries Food pantry locations in the community.

Penny Mallet enjoys staying connected with the needs of our communities and believes in uplifting those that have fallen on hard times.

Penny Mallet is a Community Activist and a recent 2020 graduate from The Lewisville Chamber of Commerce Class of #34,

the City of Lewisville Citizen’s University and Lewisville Citizen’s Police Program Class of #42 in 2019.